Delphi - Oracle - VMWare

Software development and database applications - custom-made

Software development

Vonesco Control AG has been developing customized client/server applications. We offer core competencies in the following areas:

  • Delphi client/server application development with Oracle database servers.
  • Development of intelligent SQL queries and reports in Delphi.
  • Integration of database from host business systems with customized Delphi application.
  • Specialized Delphi components development to interface with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) controls.
  • General Delphi components development.
  • Hard- and Software solutions with VMware.

Database applications

Vonesco Control AG has extensive experience in implementing Oracle database systems. We are Oracle Business Partner plus we also have staff with OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) credential and can offer the following database services:

  • Oracle database systems installation, design, development, and performance-tuning.
  • Oracle database design and implementation of fault tolerant systems.