A unique tracking and production information system

There are many tracking and production management tools on the market today. TQR Traveller targets the small to medium size shops, directly to the needs of a production supervisor who would like to manage the work with a few mouseclicks.

As soon the goods are assigned to the system, the software keeps track of every production step. At every Barcode or RFID station, the Traveller can be scanned and the terminal tells the software the location and grade of manufacturing. On TQR controlled machines the software even automatically loads the correct article.

Configured and installed in a short time, the TQR Traveller software is a cost effective tool that fits into most plating shops. And even then, when the job is done, TQR Traveller offers features how to print out the delivery note and inform the customer with an email that his work is ready and will arrive shortly - or why not inform the secretary to send the invoice at the same time?