The control system for the plating industry

Instead of processing all transactions through a single channel/bottleneck within the central processing unit, TQR3000 uses distributed intelligence which allows direct interaction among all core components. This enables TQR3000 to provide a faster throughput. TQR3000 is as suitable for new installations as well as upgrading existing ones.


Essential parameters such as times, temperatures, flows, error messages, flightbar and transporter motions are visible at a single glance. For detailed information one simply targets the desired element with a mouseclick.

From the start-up to storage, in the pre-treatment baths and during operation, the progress of the flightbar can be followed and in some special circumstances can be manually intervened.

Additional windows guarantee clearly structured display and control. Installation, implementation status, goods movement, vibration, automatic metering and much more.

Visually represented by color and motion graphics, each chemical bath can be controlled or observed. The individual determination of bath parameters follows automaticaly upon alteration of a single valency.

To prevent the early shift from beginning with a long wait, some procedures can be controlled by the automatic timer. The settings can be individually altered to a weekly or daily basis, according to need.

For each part of the plant facility, procedures, plating orders, scheduling and interventions, a wide range of information combinations can be called up and analyzed. In this way statistics are an important element in the continual improvement process .

In order to evaluate the statistics quickly and efficiently all data obtained can be transferred to Excel or Intranet. Thus the entire potential is available through graphics and calculations.

Enterprise Version

On the software side, the Enterprise Version is based on the Standard Version. In addition to the Plant PC and the PLC/control, there is an Office PC that also works as a Data Server.

The Office PC is used for administration and observation of the Plant. The user can create sequences and articles, keep track of loadings and has the full statistical features. The data is stored on the Server's Oracle Database and provides the information on the network. The network is based on TCP/IP Ethernet and therefore can be connected to the company network and Internet.

Statistics can be generated at the Office PC and exported to Excel. Loading sheets and Flightbar information can be printed out anytime.
The Enterprise Version can be extended to five Office PC's, and is capable of TQRWeb and TQRTraveller.