Railroad Equipment

Thailand / Australia

Rail sensors (wheel sensors)

Rail sensors are inductively acting sensors which detect the metal mass of the wheel flange and generate electrical impulses therefrom. Depending on the application a distinction is made between single wheel sensors for rolling stock detection and switching tasks as well as double wheel sensors for direction detection, axle counting and speed measurement.

EKOS - Roller systems

Carry out less maintenance on the points! The EKOS roller switching systems enable lubricationfree sliding of the switch blades during crossovers. A durable, reliable and robust roller system completely replaces the lubrication of the sliding plates.


  • High availability of the points through reliable and smooth-running movements
  • Protection of the drives since there are only minor switchover forces.
  • Environmentally friendly, since lubrication is no longer necessary.
  • Quick assembly thanks to clamping mechanism.
  • Reduction in the life cycle costs through reduced work and working materials requirement.
  • Short payback periods.

The EKOS components can be installed quickly into existing and new points without having to interfere with the construction of the points themselves - it is even possible to complete part of the installation during normal track operation!