Plating Electronic DC- and Puls- Power source


plating electronic is one of the technology leaders in direct current rectifiers and pulse power supplies for electrochemical processes. These primarily include electroplating, surface treatment of aluminium, PCB manufacturing and water treatment. plating electronic delivers tailored solutions for optimal power supply in all these sectors.

The compact construction of our POWER STATION direct current rectifiers and POWER PULSE-REVERSE units, together with the individually matched accessories, make it possible, for example, to bring the power supply as close to the process as possible. This leads to shorter lines and thus to significant energy savings in the active process.

Vonesco is the official representative for the eastern Switzerland market, as well as the repair and service center for all matters relating to DC and pulse power rectifiers.

Our services include:

- Advice on the selection and interpretation of the correct power source
- Installation and cabling in enclosures for the protection of the device
- Control of external operations (PE or Vonesco Accessories)
- Assembly and wiring of the system
- Repair and service the equipment
- Replacement rectifier for the rapid exchange