LED Roadway Lighting


LED Roadway Lighting Limited produces the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly street lights on the planet. Using high performance LEDs, we have achieved an industry-leading total fixture efficacy. The fixtures can deliver up to 80% energy savings over conventional roadway lighting systems. Our systems do this while not compromising the all important lighting levels required to meet public safety standards.

By using our superior lighting solutions, not only will you be more green for the health of the planet, but you will also need less green in your budget. LED Roadway Lighting utilizes only aerospace and automotive grade components in their fixtures. An example of the superior design is that the capacitors used in the Satellite driver have a rated lifespan of 110 000 hours (22 years in the life of a roadway luminaire) at 85C/185F.

Model Satellite S 48

With 87 lumens per watt (280mA/3750lm) it is the smallest but the most popular fixture on the market. Just 43 watt power give 3750 lumen. It's suitable for small roads in dense quarters. The colour temperature is available in 5500 kelvin or 4500 kelvin (warm white).

Specifications Satellite S 48

Model Satellite M 72

Just 65 Watt deliver 5650 lumens. At 600mA driver current, the light can produce 10'750 lumens.

Specification Satellite S 72

Model Satellite M 96

The standard fixture on the list. 7500 lumen are made up from just 86Watt. The light is suitable for larger streets (2 roads, 2 walkway, bycicle tracks).

Specification Satellite S 96