Mobile Maintenance

Dialogue between Man and Machine

Wireless technology and intelligent sensors enable an active dialogue in the preventive maintenance. If the true wear of parts can be measured then the service intervals can be optimized and the user has better information about the actual status of the equipment. To access status and parameters on the spot, as with the use of mobile devices, the effectiveness of the maintenance increases. Intuitive user interfaces on portable devices connected to the controls database enable a new level of flexibility and fast reaction while not being tied to a single place of interaction (HMI station).

Equipment components provided with RFID tags allow a fast identification with the use of handhelds and open up a field of new possibilities in the control, surveillance and maintenance.  For example filter pumps: running hours, model numbers, the datasheet, service book and the last filter change are being displayed. Thanks to encrypted bi-directional communication the user can then control the pump, troubleshoot or perform a scheduled service and update the service log

A hand full of applications:

  • -       Dosing of chemicals: observe, calibrate and control
  • -       Filter pumps: runtime observation and maintenance with virtual service log
  • -       Control of machine components right at the spot
  • -       VoIP communication with support center and remote support
  • -       Push messages being sent out for critical alarms
  • -       User manuals, service descriptions and much more available by a single click.

Applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms enable us a direct dialogue with the equipment. Apps that are capable of an encrypted communication, locked to a certain area within the production floor, embed the machine into the entire value chain. The manufacturing control cannot only receive commands from the user, but also supply necessary information to assist in the decision making process – key components can be safely controlled and analytical data can be supplied to various steps in the production process.