Internet of Human - Internet of Machine - Internet of Things

Interconnection at production sites does not always lift decision makers in high spheres, although a steady internet connection is part of our daily life already. Big Data, Data Mining, Internet of Things – all topics that might lead to a flood of information. In our opinion this flood of data has to be channeled and only the valued ones distributed to their targets. Otherwise it can lead to an overload of the system – and the human. On the production layer it is important to distribute the necessary data and to protect the data from misuse. But which information is really relevant? How do we protect it?

Relevant Data

In the Smart Factory of tomorrow all processes are connected with each other and because of that exchange of information the production can be optimized. Manufacturing plants identify the necessary material (Supply chain networks), free capacities, collect parameters required for analysis (Analytics), inform and react in real time to changes in their environment. As soon specific data is available from quality controls they can be brought back to the production to optimize the treatment and at the end save costs on material. Systems like this are already implemented and these companies have the trend to become so called Smart Factories. As soon the workpiece commands how it has to be processed, the world of Industry 4.0 is open. The genetic code has to be in the workpiece not in the machine that will process the part. Intelligent sensors (e.g. RFID), physical identification (Vision) and a broad knowhow in the IT-World play a vital role in the realization.

All these contact points require interfaces: inside the machinery, in the production floor, the shipping department or the online customer information service.

We are providing the designs and implementations of interfaces to superordinate (e.g. SAP, Abacus) and subordinate (e.g. TrueChem, Fischer) systems. Using the latest tools in software development and further education of our software developers we are specialized in solving complex control systems challenges.