Industry 4.0

Ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Industry 4.0 – a huge Topic in our field of activity that challenges control system suppliers like us. The fourth industrial revolution needs to be understood as a concept that combines traditional production and logistics processes with the wide world of information- and communication technology. Products become more and more individual, development cycles are much shorter and the rapid technology changes offer new possibilities of „Smart Factories“. We focus all our solutions to this world. Rigid machines have to transform to a part of a fully flexible production center to beat today’s market challenges.

Vonesco understands itself to apply state of the art technology to all their developments. The core understanding of the I4.0 is the base foundation for the planning and realization of integral control systems. The control is once again focused: It is not just about handling in- and outputs of single components but rather it is merging to an intelligent system that exchanges data with other processes and directly engages to optimize the production continuously.

The implementation of this concept requires strong partners that understand the technical requirements in the area of control hard- and software, identification technology and smart sensors, network solutions, Web & Mobile applications, databases and data interfaces.

Our TQR3000 control system for the plating industry already covers the core concept of the I4.0 idea. Not just because the main logic is that the product demands the machine how its treatment will be – and not the other way around. Reportings and a wide selection of interfaces to other devices/systems enable the active dialogue between all core components. Intelligent components, especially sensor systems, allow a faster troubleshooting and transparent maintenance. Data interfaces to other compatible systems enable the recirculation of data from measurements and with their use it is possible to actively use this data for plant production optimization in real time – and therefore lowers material costs and increase effectiveness.  

Efficiency and rapid market adjustment becomes a survival criterion. This can be challenged with a concrete concept instead with fear. All these principles only are revolutionizing the way in which industry revolutionized itself.

It will be a pleasure to accompany you on this way.