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Control Systems

The philosophy as a supplier of control systems focuses primarily on the high standards required in serious control systems, and technicians are likewise committed to using only the very best products. In addition, through planning and efficiency bring about economically sound business solutions.

Electrical planning, CPU programming, network application as well as the design of PC based HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems are vonesco specialities.

Smart concepts

From the start we develop detailed concepts. Modern tools allow us to pre-engineer the first steps in the project and bring it to paper. Construction drawings with CAD, concept designs with 3D Studio or even simulations of an entire production chain. Of course, it also can happen that we use the help of Lego to do a first concept. It does not matter wich tool we use our engineers support you from the start until the project is finally real - together with the customer.

We are experts in:

  • Layouts and drafts for plating line specifications
  • Concept graphics, early stage evaluation
  • New developments of your ideas

Profit from our knowledge from the control systems and installation business and our partner network.